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An Unusually Quiet Week

This week, I feel like the chairman of the bored
Too quiet, too light, not enough to keep my focus
Files fade into dusty tumble weeds
As emails arrive at an alarmingly manageable pace
Nervous laughter fills the room
Accountants twitch in their chairs, then leave for a paid lunch
The struggles of commerce in a burning world?
Or just an unusually quiet week?



Working, it’s important you know
We all have to do it in one way or another
As you grow older you go through seasons
Sometimes you love to work
Sometimes you hate to work
Eventually, hopefully
You figure it out, you accept working for what it is
A means to an end, a way to provide
Even the greatest of jobs
Even if you would “do it for free”
It is still all about providing for you & your family

You see work, while necessary
Is ultimately irrelevant
Life is about relationships
The relationships that matter most are your family
This is not optional
It is the way the universe
Any attempt to fight this
Will lead to an unfulfilled life
A life chasing empty victories
A life then will usually lead to loneliness, emptiness

Life is built for love & laughter
Not exhaustion or bean counting
So live your life, love your family
And remember, work is just work

The Rich Get Richer

Property taxes rise
Car payments rise
Grocery bills increase
Medical expenses through the roof
Utilities; a little here a little there
Air? How long until they change for air?

Wages? Oh they remain stagnant
Not enough profit for increases
So they say
Overtime? No you’re salary

So you work a little longer
Press a little harder
So that a government that appears to serve no one, can have a little more money
So corporations making billions, can continue to run the world
And a rich man who cares not for his people, can fill his gold lined pockets

While you wonder if you can continue to afford your home
Whilst paying the rich to get richer

Lunch Time

Coat on, coat off

Kind of cool, car’s too warm

Roof open, sun’s too bright

Window down, enjoy the breeze

Window up, quit messing with my hair, why do I even care?


Chicken wrap, diet coke, park bench

Fragrant beauty, tranquil fountain

Man-made nature

Symmetrical wild flowers

Enjoying a stroll, never looks up from his phone


Signs of spring starting to show

Blooming flowers, like a rainbow

So bright they look fake

An oasis from the insanity of chasing profit

A reminder of what’s out there, if you can find the time


This was my day

Long day at work

Mentally tired

Physically exhausted

All I could do

not to go full on Dennis Leary

many times today

Frustration or just dealing with stupidity?

Bad perception or just a world getting dumber?

Took the high road

Didn’t want to

Knew I had to

Worked hard, worked late

Got the job done, always do

Get a pay check, already spoken for

Road rage

Felt good to yell

Get out of the way you slow driving fool

Tired, beer in a glass

So glad for the weekend

This was my day