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50 Word Story: One Degree From Hades

A weary commuter, high on coffee and low on sleep, allows her auto pilot to take her back to work. The mercury dances, just one degree from hades, overheating an overcrowded highway. Chaos all around, this is no traffic symphony, but a free for all, a cacophony of pending disaster.




Thought I’d give this format a try, it makes for an interesting challenge!



A chance of showers
Or so they say ……
My friend, I have to tell you
Being from England
I am well aware of what a shower is
Light rain, briefly
One step up from a drizzle

Not here in Texas though
Oh no, you appear to be confused
For what you call a shower
Is no shower
Torrential rain, deafening thunder
It feels about half a step down
From the rapture itself

Daddy loves me

Returning from a birthday party
The temperature dances
On 100 degrees
Then it hits me
I still have to mow

As we return home
My daughter wants to play
Absolutely, I’d love to I say
Anything to delay the inevitable
Yet before I know it
It’s time to face the inevitable

I go out and prepare the mower
Perspiration glistens immediately
Before the ignition even fires

From out of nowhere
A cloud appears

A big supercharged electric cloud
Rain laden, resting on the horizon
Placed directly in front of the sun
The temperature drops
A cool breeze waltzes through the atmosphere

I continue to mow
Breathing in the joy of being loved
Listening to words of wisdom
I smile, deep inside
As once again my Daddy tells me He loves me

Step into the river He says and I will part it
Do you understand yet?
You can trust me
I love you

Summer Threatens

Summer slowly threatens to move in

However, not just yet

Mother Nature grants as a brief reprieve

For now we enjoy the end of another glorious spring


Comfort can still be found in the shade

The breeze is still somewhat refreshing

The sky maintains the presence of small clouds

Laughter can still be heard as children play

But the sky threatens to swallow the clouds

As the mercury menaces we know

The dog days will soon be upon us

The air will thicken as muscles wilt while we sweat walking to the mail box

Then we will know that the dreaded summer is finally here