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Hope arises

Like a spring sunrise

Light dancing on the dew

Mist clearing

Revealing beautiful fresh flowers

Crocuses, tulips, daffodils  et all


The renewal of creation

The renewal of your spirit, of your soul

Hope, in what is yet to come

Hope in what is done but has not yet been received

Hope, in the promise


Spring Picnic

Bunnies frolic in daffodil covered meadows
Young lovers enjoy a picnic
A romantic spot, strategically selected by the tall old oak
Stone walls line the fields
Rolling hills speak to the majesty of wonder
Swallows flash through the sky
Like angels chasing the horizon
Humming birds buzz the basket
Hopeful of a free meal
In laughter & love they celebrate
A moment captured in time, framed in a memory
They will glimpse heaven from here

The dagger

Your memory is like a dagger to my soul

Twisting reality and confusing memories

Like autumnal leaves falling to the ground

Composting into nothingness


Yet the nothingness nourishes

The empty death of history

Produces new life

What of this new twist on reality?


Experience used instead of abused

A newness to replace the nothingness

Although it may not feel as comfortable

From its growth it has no choice but to be better


Consciousness will not allow anything less

As the dagger is removed

Reality is untwisted

Spring begins & the sapling sprouts



Lunch Time

Coat on, coat off

Kind of cool, car’s too warm

Roof open, sun’s too bright

Window down, enjoy the breeze

Window up, quit messing with my hair, why do I even care?


Chicken wrap, diet coke, park bench

Fragrant beauty, tranquil fountain

Man-made nature

Symmetrical wild flowers

Enjoying a stroll, never looks up from his phone


Signs of spring starting to show

Blooming flowers, like a rainbow

So bright they look fake

An oasis from the insanity of chasing profit

A reminder of what’s out there, if you can find the time