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Today’s Pop Music – Sonnet

There’s nothing wrong with rock n roll

That raucous music, always on the edge

It runs so deep within my soul

But pop music today has me standing on the ledge


The safe & savory is now so out of control

Suddenly old hard rocking dudes

Are looking like the bastions of ethics & moral self-control

We’ve never seen a rock show so explicitly lewd


Pop music to me has gone too far

When Hannah Montana appears possessed

What desperate straits to remain a star

Just wait for the book when her secrets are confessed


Maybe I don’t understand, don’t belong in this fold

Or perhaps, I’m simply starting to get old


When I read this blog the other day, It got me thinking about trying to write a structured poem, try to fit into some rules instead of just a word explosion which is my usual style. I didn’t watch the VMAs or whatever it was last weekend, but it was all over the news enough for me to be thinking along the lins of the above. Hopefully I got close to my first real sonnet.