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A Cold Feeling

A cold feeling
As numbness attempts to invade the heart
Perfect love feels distant
As if fading to black
Is this reality
Or some twisted fantasy

Are eyes open or closed
Rapturous chaos
Madness ensues
White noise like a swirling hurricane
Envelopes, overwhelms the senses
And then stop
Clouds clear
Vision returns
The search for hope begins anew

Confusion remains, as to what that even was

The only thing that remains, clearly

Is the light

And that light




Vicious words

Or just a joke?

Harmless fun

Or soul destroying abuse?


Man sized fists

Punish a child sized spine

If this is friendship

What is hatred?


Bruises hidden

Inside and out

Is it all your fault?

Are you really that worthless?


Enough is enough, no more pain

The coping mechanisms are developed

Medication sought

Masks developed; skillfully worn