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14 Years

14 years, it’s quite a while

The past seems like a lifetime ago

We still drive each other crazy

Confound each other with changing moods

We get busy, we forget things

Sometimes we snap, when there’s really no need

We might not be perfect, but honey we ain’t all that bad


14 years, its a long time

For love to grow

Beyond question, beyond doubt

For one to become not just a lover

But an inseparable part of the other

A partnership of love and trust

Of hope & a better way


14 years, an anniversary celebration

With the love of my life

She will always hold the keys to my heart

She cares for me like no other

Does things I take for granted now, just because she can

I’m in no hurry to grow old

As I want to savor every moment with you


Happy Anniversary my dear 🙂



Your pleasing presence

Has a vibrant energy

It shakes the sonic spectrum

So that even in silence

There is not quiet

It is truly quite magnificent


Yet this week you are gone

The house is unusually still

The breath of your life is absent

The dishwasher a logistical masterpiece

But the stillness troubles my soul

So I await your return with bated breath






My Everything – the video

When I was recording this song I had always planned to try & make a video for it. I don’t know about kids today, but when I was a lad it wasn’t a song if there wasn’t a video for it 😉

Originally I thought I would video myself recording the song & make one of those lo-fi studio videos that I always loved. There were 2 problems with that though, 1 I forgot to video myself for most of it & 2, when singing a song about your wife it doesn’t make that much sense to make a video of just you. So what we have is a few ideas from the initial concept morphing into a slide show remembering some of the many wonderful times over the past 11+ years. It’s not great, but hey, I there is only so much you can do with free windows software & a complete lack of knowledge on film making. That may be my next area of study if I ever get the music recording thing down (slow progress is being made behind the scenes there). As Ive said before, the important thing is to try, you will never try & succeed if you are not willing to try & risk failure.


I love you honey poem

A request for this poem somehow appeared on my electronic to do list 🙂

 Today seems like a good day to acquiesce to that request.



The voice of an angel

I heard through a telephone line

The ignition spark

For a new dream

A dream beyond measure

A dream so full of promise


Uncontrollable passion

Terrifying fear

A step too far?

Complete acceptance

Fireworks of intimacy

2 paths changed, for all eternity


You were my Trinity

You gently lead me into the light

You are my strength & support

You are my heart & compassion

You are the best I can be

My inspiration & driving force


I love you honey

For all that you are

And for all that you will be

For your love & your laughter

For your unparalleled mothering skills

And oh yes, for your heavenly cooking




11 Years Ago Today

11 years ago today

A one way ticket was used

A K1 visa was cashed in

A last shot at happiness

or the first real leap of faith?


11 years ago today

A chasm was bridged

6+ months of agony were ended

How can you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone

Yet not get to be with them due to bureaucratic rules?


11 years ago today

A home was left, a life abandoned

For adventures anew

A love so powerful

Continents could not separate


11 years ago today

A Yorkshire man started to become a Texan

Was the beginning of a new life

Is when true happiness began

Was one of the best days of my life


And what has happened in 11 years?

A marriage, not perfect but wonderful

A shining light in the darkness of relational dysfunction

A man was discovered, grew, was born again & healed

A child was born, a gift from God

Dreams have come true because they were followed

11 years ago today



Today is the 11th anniversary of my emigration from the UK to the USA on March 20th 2002. One of the best things I have ever done in my life. This barely scratches the surface, but at least it scratches the surface. Live your lives for love my friends, there is nothing greater.