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The Shire of York

The depth of your green makes my heart yearn for home
My soul cherishes the moments we share
Rolling hills house untold beauty
The glories of creation never more spectacular

Sheep quietly discuss the day
While a beck winds its way
Towards a thunderous waterfall
Which feeds a magnificent oasis of ecology

Coal fire smoke hangs on the crisp air
As frost crunches underfoot
The traveler enters an ancient stone building
Welcomed by strange voices and perfect ale

Such diversity, such beauty
What comfort and peace
My mind takes me there
As I plan a visit, home to Yorkshire


Sometimes I Miss the City

Sometimes I miss the city

I miss feeling like I belong

Not lost in a sprawling mass of muddled towns

But part of something identifiable


Sometimes I miss walking to the store

Stumbling home from the pub

Maybe catching a train

Or riding the bus with stinky people


Most days though, I prefer the country

I enjoy the quiet, I like seeing stars

I like feeling safe, I like saying hello

I like being the limey cowboy I was born to be