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The Launch Codes

The storm clouds of chaos

Grow ever stronger

Ever darker


Decency is an outlier

Restraint, compassion

Distant ideals


I used to laugh when they talked about the end of the world

Armageddon in our lifetime – yeah right

Yet this is no biblical instance

You may as well burn it

Some that claim to preach it, seem not to read it

Or maybe the words in theirs are different to the words in mine?


Is the world going to end?

Has humanity completely lost the plot?

Will our children have to learn how to survive a nuclear winter?


I know fear today like never before

Not of a personal attack

But a genuine fear

That the end is near

If the wrong person gets

The launch codes


How about we take a look at the real problem?

The simple tag line of “gun control ” may be the single laziest summation of a problem of epic complexity that I have heard.

All solutions must begin somewhere, that somewhere should start with an honest analysis of the actual problem & from there difficult questions must be asked and answered with regards to how to make progress.

Let’s pretend you had a magic wand & could remove every gun from the world. How would that do anything to the real problems of hate, mental health, education, compassion & the basic lack of regard for human lives?

To paraphrase a friend; if you take away the gun from an angry asshole, you still have an angry asshole.

How would it change the fact that despite the fact that “all lives matter” minorities and those of “different” beliefs are treated differently & less favorably (in pretty much all countries)?

Should access to potentially deadly weapons be more restrictive? I’d say yes, in some ways at least. However you will never convince me that the solution to the hate problems in my 2 nations lie with this. There are plenty of gun controls in the UK, that didn’t prevent the murder of Jo Cox though did it? Or the riots in Marseille?

In my opinion, until the root problem is addressed, long term. The proliferation of domestic & international terrorism & hate crimes will only continue.
Until we get back to treating those we disagree with, with civility, respecting ALL lives & loving others as we ourselves would like to be, then we are going to be lost in these horrific news cycles.

Speaking of which, don’t get me started on my opinion of the for profit media’s influence on the current state of the planet…

Ps; yes I know that there will always be criminals & those with opinions & actions outside of the law (regardless of their profession). This is why we have laws and justice systems, society relies on these, we need to get back to them being reliable & trustworthy

PPS: You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Why can we not just have peace?

In this war ravaged planet

Most people just want to be peaceful

To get on with their lives, go to work, pay their bills

Maybe watch a game, drink a beer with a friend, hug their family


They didn’t ask for this, we don’t want this

The world is torn, society is stretched to it’s limits

As bombs drop on civilians and terrorists terrify with little recourse

All the while, politicians fight over who’s soul belongs to whom


Why can we not just have peace?

Why must chaos, hate & greed persist?

Why must we be constantly struggling to survive

What feels like world war 3, episode 6?


Is hate the answer? – NO

If hate is the answer

You are asking the wrong question

If hate is the answer

You must be devoid of hope


If you are devoid of hope

I can assure you

Love is the answer

Hate heals nothing


Hate breads only hate

The world will end because of hate


The world will flourish

Because of love


It is your choice

It is my choice

We need to remember to make the choice, consciously

Choose well, I will try to do likewise.




Light Of The world

In this dark chaotic world it would be easy to lose hope

to lose faith, lose touch, to stop caring

so much hate, self righteousness, bigotry

There are problems everywhere

So much that if you tender your heart it can feel like death


Yet there is another way

Where instead of focusing on the negative

You can focus on the positive

For all the doom & gloom that gets reported

There is much more amazing good that doesn’t sell advertising slots


Myself, I put my hope in Jesus Christ, my faith is still in Him

The light of the world, who is

Still healing hearts

Still opening eyes

Still making all things new


Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends

The author of life who knows all things, made all things

Somehow still cares enough to know my name

To call me friend & forgive me yet again, everyday

The best way to survive the darkness, is to focus on the light




The Problem is Love?

Is the world burning?

Are these the end times?

Look at the news

Look at social media

What has happened?

Where are we heading?


Murder, rape, slavery

Terrorism, prison brakes

Pirates, dictators, kingpins


Money laundering, tax evasion

Political corruption, corporate corruption

Capitalism, communism, socialism



Domestic abuse

Rampant prejudice

Bullying, pedophilea,


Common decency? Where is that?


Preachers with private jets, telling the world that the biggest problem we have is two people loving each other? really?

People have a right to their own beliefs, just because you do not share them does not give you the right to judge or hate. Especially if you are claiming to do it in the name of Jesus. People claim to be defending the word of God, doing what is right. Did you ever stop to think that if God is really who we claim He is, then how arrogant would that make you, to think that He would need you to defend Him? Share the gospel, not some hate message delivered through false piety.

At times I despair at the world, other times I ignore the world. I wonder sometimes why I write less these days, sometimes it is because to write I need to observe & sometimes this world disgusts me so much that I just want to switch off, to hide in my own little bubble. Then other times I feel like I should rant, because I have the right to my beliefs too. The right to think that each and every person is equal, created with their own path & their own unique beauty. It is not for anyone to judge another, simply to love, help them on their journey if you can. If you cannot comprehend the choices of another, if they are not hurting anyone, just step back & wish them well, they probably don’t need or want your approval anyway.

Peace & love my friends

Where is Humanity?

The world today, life today

I stopped thinking, again

It’s all so ugly, all so broken

Do I really want to think about it?

Or simply sit back, sink into myself


Hate is everywhere

Politicians, media

Businesses, friends

Social media has become toxic

Opinions divide, yet no one cares


When did being right

Become more important than caring?

When did your opinion

Become the only possible valid opinion?

When did hate become the go to response?


I look at the world today & I shake my head

I question everything

What do I feel, what do I believe?

Where is God amongst all this mess?

Even more so, where is humanity?