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I Write

I write what I don’t know how to say,
I play what I don’t know how to feel,
I frustrate, because my expressions are different.

I don’t communicate so well and at times, I wish I could,
If I could tell you how I feel, I would,
But half the time even I don’t really know.

All I can say is;
I am what I am, and that is ok


13 Years

13 years to mourn

Yet the grief is still as real

13 years to heal

Yet the wounds remain fresh

13 years to feel

Yet we see compassion turn to contempt


They say Never Forget

Tell me? How could We?

Always Remember?

Yet some memories continue to fail


Take a step back today

Pause from your agenda

Your propaganda

Remember what is truly important

Not politics or bickering

Certainly not hate


13 years to the day

Remember love

Remember sympathy

Allow yourself to feel


13 years to the day, remember to pray for those irreparably broken



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The Mighty Pen

Occasionally I look at my blog & wonder if I’m actually doing what I’m supposed to be doing with it, or if I’m just writing for the sake of it. Then I remember that one of the main reasons this place exists is for me to think & to learn to think. So here is an imaginary poetic conversation between the me of just a few years ago & me today. It seems my poetry is more than checking the box of better thinking J


What do you see?

A pen

What else?

Just a pen

Nothing more?

Just a pen

How does that make you feel?

It doesn’t


Indifference, just a pen

Yet in the darkest recess of your mind

You know that this should be something more

Certainly it is a pen

But is it not also a portal?

Is it not a weapon?

More powerful than any sword ever cast?


Yes, a portal to your very soul

The doorway to expression

What could you say with this pen if you were to allow it to speak?

The possibilities are endless

This is not just a pen, this is the future, the past and the present

This is your hope, your freedom, your journey

More than an inanimate object

This is the mighty pen

Embrace it my friend