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Merry Christmas

He is Emanuel; God with us

He is with us when we crest the mountain peaks

And He is with us when we are in the valleys

At the peak His presence seems so obvious

In the depths it seems like He cannot be found

And yet He is there

The future will show you how He was there in the past just as He is there in the present


I hope you have a wonderful Christmas

I hope all your dreams come true


If you are in a time where things are not great

If you are struggling to come to terms with life

The way the world works or the things that are going on

If everything you believe somehow seems to not make sense at the moment

Know that even when you doubt; He is faithful

When you question or stray

He is just as there for you then as He is when you are on top

When you are mad at Him, He is ok with that


Jesus loves you and He is with you and will always be

Merry Christmas whoever you are

Hay the reason for the season bring you hope





Blood at times is irrelevant

You were family in the truest sense of the word

You had the deepest of influences

A beautiful brother, a beautiful man

You were my friend, but more than that, a mentor and a father figure


Your family was an inspiration

The moment I entered your house

My heart was filled with a desire to be a part of it

You & your family were the reason I changed my mind about family

An indelible change in my mindset, your eternal gift to me

Forever I will be grateful, forever I will mourn


You had a beautifully wicked sense of humor

Coupled with wonderfully strong morals

A dedication to your family, that was a breath of fresh air to me

A look into a new world that previously seemed impossible

You watched over my wife since she was a child & she loved you more than she could ever know to say & I more grateful than you could know


You showed me what it means to be a man

Not an emasculated sissy or some macho moron

A real man

Integrity, honor, commitment

Love, respect, decency

I could write for days and only scratch the surface


We may not have shared blood, but you will always be some of the closest family we will ever have

It is a cliché used all too often

But you really were one of a kind, they truly broke the mold after you were made

Rest in peace my dear friend.

Hug my family & friends in heaven

Ask Jesus to do something about cancer while you’re there

I’m not sure I can take losing anymore loved ones to it


Light Of The World

Light of the world

Burn inside my soul

Kindle deeper love

Draw me closer still


May my consciousness

Be overloaded by Your presence

May the thought of You, direct all that I do

Let me be consumed by the fire of Your love


Holy Jesus, may your glorious name

Be reflected evermore in who I am

Take me, mold me, grow me

I am yours & You are the Light of the world








I am a Flag

There is a flag

You can see it

Blowing in the wind

This way and then that way

Up and down

Sometimes it appears to be tied in knots

Occasionally it is so in need of cleaning

That it is difficult to even see what is on the flag


It can be difficult sometimes to fathom

Even for the flag itself

Yet for all this flapping around

This flag never goes far

It does not become detached and blow away in the storm

For the flag is attached

There is a pole of truth



Running right through it

This pole is anchored to the rock

And there is no separating it

In this life or the next

Good Gifts – The JIBTYI Notes; part 1

The JIBTYI notes – part 1 – Good Gifts

It’s a funny old thing this Christian life, sometimes when you are muddled about what you are to do; if you are to try and keep pressing, or to try and find a way of balancing a “normal” life with this life of pursuing God that you have felt called to, but is so much more difficult that it at times feels less than appealing. Sometimes something comes along that just rocks your world and removes any question of the status quo that was threatening to creep in. So here is the story of my experience with reading the book “Jesus is Better Than You Imagined” by Jonathan Merritt.



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We can discover things

Go, I assure you I am not offended

Go to the wise, to the learned

Surely they will be able to teach you in the ways of the world


But understand my dears, you do not have to go

Maybe in our blindness, our ignorance

We can discover things that they cannot see


Maybe our blindness is focus

Maybe our ignorance is an open mind

Good thoughts are given, even to those who do not deserve them