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We are all just numbers to them aren’t we?

Pieces in a game

To be moved without consequence

We have no voice

No say

Only the facade of choice

So we accept, as we must

The whims,

no sorry,


… did it again;

The great, not bone headed or selfish at all;
Leadership of others



The vocal minority

The vocal minority

The chosen few

There is only one right opinion

That of yours


Your opinion may or may not be correct

The thing is, it will only ever be your opinion

If you want others to share it

You should choose to represent it better


If you are in the democratic minority

If you feel that all that happens in Washington is wrong

I will choose to oppose you

If your way of winning me is with insults


If you follow Christ

If you want others to experience His redemptive grace

You should choose to be like him

Not hate & judge like a Pharisee


If you have a favorite team

If others don’t share your passion

Well at this point, remember it is just a game

And make the choice to be respectful


If you are an extremist, on any side of any fence

Please, still your mouth & your mind

Take the time to discover peace, love & harmony

Or at the very least tolerance


Simple advice, guidelines to live by

Easy to say, harder to follow

We are all different, that’s what makes us beautiful

Opinions are opinions, nothing more

The Deceptive Path

There are times in life, that are full of confusion

When it appears that storms clouds linger above

In the distance, appears to be a green and pleasant land

The path over there appears idyllic

It appears to be the thing that dreams are made of


However, be careful

That path, is a deceptive path

If you get closer the green fields, are all weeds

The path is rocky & lined with snakes

What appears to be idyllic, is death


That path, is not your path

That path, is the path of the divorcee

The alcoholic, workaholic, broken man

The one who is empty

Who has no love


The path you are on might not match your fantasies

But it is your path, it has always been, your path

Those storm clouds are bringing the rains you need to grow

Your path might not match your fantasies

Yet you excel at what you do, you are loved and you are blessed


The real key, is not getting so wrapped up

In finding out where the path leads

That you forget to enjoy the journey

To take in the scenery

And remember, that this is my path

Higher Ground

To slip into the role of passenger

Ambling down the road of life

Not weary, not trying

Simply getting by


Oh how I enjoy to fall into anonymity

It is so deeply pleasing not to press

Not to try, simply to be

But I know that road & I know where it leads


Anonymity leads me into dissatisfaction

It leads me into depression

It leads me towards a death that I have no interest in

No, that road is not the road for me


There is another road, well more of a trail

The road less traveled, the higher ground

The trail is thing & it is easy to fall from

But the views are spectacular and the smiles are genuine



The Hangover

How is it that the last one is always one too many?

Or was it the one before that?

When the ability to reason was removed


How can you decide to play with death

Only a week after making the bold declaration

That you are no longer interested in such things?


How can you put yourself in a situation

Where your plans are threatened

Just because you chose to sink

A little further into the depths?


At the time it felt so right

But in the now, death warmed up

So you plot, to start anew

Yet you know, that in your power

You will never start anew


So the circle continues

Until the day you decide to look outside

For the power to start anew