This is a going to be the place that I keep track of all the books I read in 2013, whatever the reason I read the book I will note it here. I will also make some separate post to place my findings in the book. Why? Well I don’t read, by choice I simply don’t read. Currently I only read of my own free will an average of 1 book probably every 2 years or so & that is usually an autobiography that interests me, like Sammy Hagar’s book that I finished in December

I had family visiting from England last year, they were all sat reading, my wife was reading & I felt like a bit of an idiot not having anything to read, I felt rather embarrassed that my only notion in that situation was to turn on the tv, not to do something to stimulate my mind more. So I have determined to read, at least some, this year, no target but to read regularly. I read books as part of my men’s group studies at church, I will count them as well, because they are books & I read them. I hope to find at least some type of books that I enjoy reading, if that is only the books that I study with by friends then so be it, but at least I’ll know that I don’t like to read rather than I choose not to read.

So here is the list:

Moment Maker; Carlos Whittaker
Status: Pending

The complete western stories of Elmore Leonard
Status: Pending

The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; Douglas Adams
Status: Pending

Heaven is for Real; Todd Burpo

Status: Pending

When “Spiritual But Not Religious” Is Not enough; Lillian Daniel
Status: Pending, I saw this referenced in a blog I read & really liked what I saw, so its in the pile


The Last Champions; Dave Simpson
Status: Finished


Jesus is Better Than You Imagined; Jonathan Merritt
Status: Finished


Unveiled; Alan Smith
Status: Finished


A Supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again; David Foster Wallace

Status: Active – but paused, recommended to me by a friend after this


The Practice of the Presence of God; Brother Lawrence

Status: Finished


Wild at Heart; John Eldredge

Status: Finished


Fire in the Hole; Elmore Leonard

Status: Finished


It’s not about me; Max Lucado

Status: Finished


Fathered by God; John Eldredge

Status: Finished


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