Monthly Archives: October 2015

All Out of Words

I sit here thinking, I should write




I have nothing


No ideas

No spark

No prompt

No inspiration


The well has run dry

For now

Tumbleweeds in my mind

Dust for creativity


So what?


Maybe search?



Desire, inspiration, words and rhymes

They will all return

Soon enough


I do miss you though 🙂


Rosé Sky

Morning delight, a shared masterpiece

Between the Father & his children

Given to a father and his daughter


What could it be?

Is Monet at work in the sky today?

Maybe a wild party in heaven left Rosé spilled on the sky


Possibly it is a caring gift, a pick you up for school

Or before another day of traffic chaos and the

Frustrations of working for the man


I enjoy these thoughts, all of them and more

Just as much as I enjoy the glory of creation

Through a blurry pre-coffee mind on a morning