Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Fire

The flame flickers


Leaving only embers

Starving for fuel


To Relight the fire

Something must be done

Fuel must be found

Or the fire will become only a memory


Where They Didn’t Used To Grow

I am a little scared
I cannot lie
About what will happen
Later in life
It is quite confusing
I’m guessing it’s cold
Maybe, I really don’t want to know
Why as a man grows old
He will need extra hairs
Where they didn’t used to grow

I Write

I write what I don’t know how to say,
I play what I don’t know how to feel,
I frustrate, because my expressions are different.

I don’t communicate so well and at times, I wish I could,
If I could tell you how I feel, I would,
But half the time even I don’t really know.

All I can say is;
I am what I am, and that is ok


Blood at times is irrelevant

You were family in the truest sense of the word

You had the deepest of influences

A beautiful brother, a beautiful man

You were my friend, but more than that, a mentor and a father figure


Your family was an inspiration

The moment I entered your house

My heart was filled with a desire to be a part of it

You & your family were the reason I changed my mind about family

An indelible change in my mindset, your eternal gift to me

Forever I will be grateful, forever I will mourn


You had a beautifully wicked sense of humor

Coupled with wonderfully strong morals

A dedication to your family, that was a breath of fresh air to me

A look into a new world that previously seemed impossible

You watched over my wife since she was a child & she loved you more than she could ever know to say & I more grateful than you could know


You showed me what it means to be a man

Not an emasculated sissy or some macho moron

A real man

Integrity, honor, commitment

Love, respect, decency

I could write for days and only scratch the surface


We may not have shared blood, but you will always be some of the closest family we will ever have

It is a cliché used all too often

But you really were one of a kind, they truly broke the mold after you were made

Rest in peace my dear friend.

Hug my family & friends in heaven

Ask Jesus to do something about cancer while you’re there

I’m not sure I can take losing anymore loved ones to it


Where is Humanity?

The world today, life today

I stopped thinking, again

It’s all so ugly, all so broken

Do I really want to think about it?

Or simply sit back, sink into myself


Hate is everywhere

Politicians, media

Businesses, friends

Social media has become toxic

Opinions divide, yet no one cares


When did being right

Become more important than caring?

When did your opinion

Become the only possible valid opinion?

When did hate become the go to response?


I look at the world today & I shake my head

I question everything

What do I feel, what do I believe?

Where is God amongst all this mess?

Even more so, where is humanity?