Working, it’s important you know
We all have to do it in one way or another
As you grow older you go through seasons
Sometimes you love to work
Sometimes you hate to work
Eventually, hopefully
You figure it out, you accept working for what it is
A means to an end, a way to provide
Even the greatest of jobs
Even if you would “do it for free”
It is still all about providing for you & your family

You see work, while necessary
Is ultimately irrelevant
Life is about relationships
The relationships that matter most are your family
This is not optional
It is the way the universe
Any attempt to fight this
Will lead to an unfulfilled life
A life chasing empty victories
A life then will usually lead to loneliness, emptiness

Life is built for love & laughter
Not exhaustion or bean counting
So live your life, love your family
And remember, work is just work


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