Monthly Archives: March 2015

Perfect Strangers

He woke up that morning

Not sure he even knew his name

A familiar stranger across from him

What had they become?


Such familiar faces, yet now, perfect strangers

Where did the life go, where is the fire?

All passion consumed by separate desire

Faded embers, a stark reminder

Of what once was,

maybe it could be again?


Maybe I’m Blind

Maybe I’m too simplistic 

Maybe I’m blind
But I just don’t care
I don’t see the dark
Only light
I don’t see despair 
Only hope
Disaster, Disaster, Disaster
Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity
To begin anew

The shade of an overpass


The shade of an overpass is no place to call home

What went so terribly wrong

That you wound up sleeping here?


At times I wonder how close I got to your position

1 more bad decision? 2?

Maybe you had no choice, maybe you had to escape


When did hope leave

Did you ever know it?

Life can feel so heavy, it gets hard to even breathe


Look for the light, it is there even in the darkness

Hope is not dead my friend

It is just as available to you as it is me


Hope is found in freedom

Freedom in salvation

Salvation in faith

Faith in a choice

A choice to receive the fruit of

Ultimate sacrifice


Receive your true identity

God does not want to fix you

He wants to restore you

You are a child of the king

Born of His glory

You can do all things through him

Even if that sounds ridiculous today

Walk in the truth of who you are


Wherever you find yourself today

That is not it for you

We were all born for more

May peace, hope and love invade your world



Snow on the Plains

It was an unusually cold winter on the plains

A light layer of powdery snow covered the usually dusty trails

Sage and scrub brush take on a different perspective

When framed by brilliant white

As though an alien growth bursting through the surface

The full moon so reflective it was almost a bright as day


A lone rider eases his horse onwards

Wrapped warm will a full length duster

His 5 gallon hat keeping the snow from his eyes

Warm breath steams through the bandana covering his mouth

The clank of metal rings out

As spurs bounce and guns rattle


In the distance, his eagle eyes spot his target

A lone stray, a calf separated from the herd

Skillfully, stealthily, he approaches

So as not to spook the frightened animal

Once in range, in almost an instant

With a flick of the wrist a lasso is secured around the calf

Slowly and safely they return to the ranch

One lost animal returned to the fold