Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Wreck

At the bottom of the ocean, stranded

An old wreck lies abandoned

A diver apparently lost in time

Explores the liner, once so fine


Inspecting the remnants, he proceeds with caution

Going from room to room, he checks his oxygen

There is nothing left, only a few stray octopus

It is time to leave the wreck, exit this watery sarcophagus


As he returns to the surface

It is dark, in the sky he sees the constellation Corvus

Reflecting of what he has seen, what was clearly lost

He packs his gear, for it is time to leave the past




Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my friends

As we celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Christ of God, may the Lord bless you through this coming year. May you be given an overflowing fresh filling of the spirit. May you be light to all those you come into contact with. May you honor, magnify & glorify the name of the Lord in all you do.

I look forward to reading your creations & enjoying the parts of your journey that you share in the coming year. I’ll get back to posting more often here soon, I promise 🙂

God bless you all, here is a Christmas song that I have been really enjoying this year, it’s such a happy tune that really fits the celebration of Christmas perfectly.

Mist Rises

Rain swollen river

Threatens to breach the banks

Mist rises

From newly aggressive rapids

That seek attention

With their ominous roar

If you dared to enter

They would consume you

Feed you to the rocks

All the while

The trees watch on

Unmoved by the insolence of the water

Simply enjoying the extra nutrients

Through all the seeming chaos

Harmony is clear

When you look at the whole

Part the Darkness

Close your eyes
Place your hands together in front of your chest
Picture darkness in front of you
The darkness and chaos of this time of year
Whatever causes you pain make sure it’s in there
Stretch your arms out fully
Feel the darkness pressing against your arms
Now open your arms slowly
Part the darkness
Picture light in the distance bursting through
As you move the darkness allow the light to flood in
Now look carefully at the light
See, it is a star,  a once in a lifetime star
Underneath is a stable
In that stable a baby
That child is your king
He is the light of the world
Remember that this season
And enjoy your Christmas and advent
For what it truly means
Not lists or consumerism
But the celebration of the birth of Christ