Something From Nothing

You made something from nothing

From an empty shell

Built on lies believed


To eternal identity

Derived from truth received

Transformation clear to see


2 thoughts on “Something From Nothing

  1. stacilys

    Isn’t it great when Christ comes into a person’s life and literally transforms it. I remember one guy came to my church way back when I still lived in Canada. He would laugh whenever I would speak about my past or share my testimony. He just couldn’t believe that it was me I was speaking of.

    1. Chris Ludbrook Post author

      It truly is great, one might even say amazing!. At times I wish there had been less for Him to transform, but then again that gives me my own unique story & perspective. I can relate to people that people with a less rocky past might not be able to. It also gives me an anchoring in my faith that keeps me permanently grateful 🙂


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