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Say Goodbye to Hate

Why does it always have to be right or wrong?

Why my way or the highway?

Why can we not all just get along?


So what if our beliefs are different?

We can still both be the awesome amazing people we were made to be

We can be friends


We can help each other to be just as good as each other

We can inspire, we can celebrate

We can love, we can give hope


There does not have to be an ulterior motive

Just life, the way it was made to be lived

Why does it always have to be a fight?


For once, just let go

Increase the peace

Say goodbye to hate



The Skeptic

Thousands gather to honor the Lord

Healing is suggested

Then healing is claimed

Can it be real?

Could it be true?

Why do you feel nothing?

Is this all a sham

A trick to try and make you believe? Really?

How arrogant are you, that you could think that this is all about you?


A connection is made

A transaction made

Genius marketing

Or a gift from God?

Did someone take $20 from you?

Or did your Father say here read this, I know you will love it?


Skepticism is everywhere

We live in a cynical world

Sometimes it is better to just look past it

To ignore what the doubtful world tries to say

Receive the gift for what it is

Even if you’re wrong, it is better this way

Than living in doubt and cynicism and misery your whole life



The sceptic must have proof

There must be a reason for everything

For if the skeptic were to be wrong

If there are real things that are unseen

If there are things that are beyond

Human reason and logic

Then where would that leave the skeptic?


Pure Love

Accepting responsibility

It is easy to misunderstand

There are many parts of the story

Parts I am smart enough not to share here


I can paint you the picture of a victim

Make it all seem so pitiful

I can give you the psychological justifications

As they have been revealed to me


The cross I bear

Is not that of things that could have been

But of choices that I freely made

Certainly they were influenced


But at the end of the day

I still made the choice

I sought acceptance in the wrong place

I said yes when I should have said no


Over and over and over

I chose to build a reputation a certain way

No one made me, I chose that

Now I can see why it happened


Then it was just living life

Sometimes I wonder

How much easier would the “good” life be?

If the echoes of the past were not there to haunt me


Then, as always

I am reminded

This is the present

This is where you are to live


The past is done

All of my reckless stupidity, hidden desperation

Every sin, past present and future

Has been paid for


He who has been forgiven much will love much

Oh my King, my love for you is beyond measure

My sin has been cast as far as the east is from the west

My love for you is greater than life itself


I pick up my cross daily

No longer through shame

But through devotion, adoration

Beautiful, pure as pure love gets


Through Grace Alone

It is through grace alone

That I am here today, not the sum of regrets

For the boy that was and the boy that could have been

But the man who is, who is not the man that was


Without that grace

The man who is, is not

And the boy that was is

Thank You for Your grace Father


I am eternally grateful

That your love

Always has & always will

Outweigh my imperfections

I am a Poet

I am a poet

Although I don’t look the part

Nor do I act the part

What could that mean anyway?


I may not always rhyme

Or follow the rules

In fact I rarely choose to do so

I don’t even know that name for what I do


However, that which I choose to do

Through lyrical composition

The expression of senses

Of the heart


Comes more naturally

Than almost anything else

It flows with such little effort

Thus, at the core, I am a poet


I Mow

I mow, a lot

This, in summer, makes me very hot

You see I have a lot of grass

Almost an excessive mass

The grass seems to grow more this year than any other

My mower and I are starting to feel like blood brothers


I suppose I could stop

Let it grow taller than the grasshoppers hop

But there are things that slither

I would rather mow and wither

Than let those venomous things

Be free to roam, unless I can grow wings

How I made twitter a better place (for me)

Twitter is an odd thing, for a long time I wanted nothing to do with it. Then as I realized that you could be on the front end of breaking sports news I got sucked into it. Over time I eventually actually started tweeting as well as consuming. But to be honest, I was done with twitter about 6 months ago, it was a miserable place filled with miserable people tweeting about pointless things that I didn’t care that much about anymore. If I wasn’t slightly addicted to reading it, and if Facebook didn’t get worse with every update, I would probably have deleted my account.

Then it struck me, my twitter timeline was 95% sports and sports obsessed people. Now, I am still a huge sports fan, but I am not the addict that I once was. The downside of that is that the highs are not as high, the bright side is the lows are not as desperate and games no longer get to dictate my mood or my destiny. My identity is found today in a much better source.

So what I did with Twitter was I started to unfollow people who were negative, or people who over-tweeted about things that I didn’t want to see. Then I started to follow different types of people, I got a lot more Jesus on my timeline, a sprinkling of creatives and almost overnight twitter went from a miserable place that I went to keep up with sports news to an encouraging place that I actually wanted to be part of.

The side effect is that I started to tweet more, even occasionally engage people in twitter dialog. It made it a much better virtual place for me to inhabit. I still don’t tweet that much, but if you want, we can be twitter pals @LUFCTX