A New Year

A new year
A new frontier
New hopes
Occasional fears
Some approach with dread
Some with unbridled excitement
And all we can do
Is pray for these kids
Pray for the teachers
And ask for guidance
Through this new school year

My daughter starts 3rd grade today, how is that even possible? Where oh where does the time go?


11 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Skye

    Awwww….prayers lifted for your sweet one today. May her year be filled with wonderful moments that turn into precious memories.

  2. stacilys

    My kids are in the middle of their school year here in the Southern hemisphere. May God truly give wisdom to the teachers and keep your little one safe and growing.

    1. Chris Ludbrook Post author

      Thank you!

      It’s funny, although I am very familiar with the opposing seasons in the different hemispheres, I never considered that school calendars would be different. Although when you think about it, it only makes sense 🙂 You learn something new every day !!


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