Daddy loves me

Returning from a birthday party
The temperature dances
On 100 degrees
Then it hits me
I still have to mow

As we return home
My daughter wants to play
Absolutely, I’d love to I say
Anything to delay the inevitable
Yet before I know it
It’s time to face the inevitable

I go out and prepare the mower
Perspiration glistens immediately
Before the ignition even fires

From out of nowhere
A cloud appears

A big supercharged electric cloud
Rain laden, resting on the horizon
Placed directly in front of the sun
The temperature drops
A cool breeze waltzes through the atmosphere

I continue to mow
Breathing in the joy of being loved
Listening to words of wisdom
I smile, deep inside
As once again my Daddy tells me He loves me

Step into the river He says and I will part it
Do you understand yet?
You can trust me
I love you


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