Welcome Home

What if there was a place where you could just be you?

A place where you were welcomed and accepted


What if it was ok to not be ok?

Yet you were loved enough not to be left that way


What if people cared enough to help you work through your pain?

To help you make peace with your past


What if this love prepared you for the future?

And made you a better person in the now


What if there was music so beautiful

That it filled your very soul with joy?


Maybe there would be people so filled with wisdom

That the answers to your questions could always be found?


What if even though you did not live there

Every time you entered you heard the words “Welcome Home”?


What a place this would be,

What would you call this place?


3 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Elaine

    Home, but since I live alone, the home I refer to would be my church and the people in it are my church family. Secondly, when the Lord is ready for me I will go to my eternal home…..heaven


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