Not Just Some Bloke

The significance of my place is difficult to understand

To some I am everything, to others I do not exist

I have learned that measuring yourself by what the world thinks, leads only to emptiness


You see, to the world I may well be “just some bloke”

However I do not belong to the world, I’m only ever partially here

No I do not belong to the world, I belong to the Kingdom of God


It took a while for me to figure out

But in the Kingdom, I am far from just some bloke

I am valued, I am worthy, I have weight, I am royalty


Adopted by the King, I am co-heir with Christ

I am a beloved son, a knight in the army of God

What I say, what I do and who I am has purpose


There is great responsibility that goes with this

A responsibility that I rarely grasp

Rarer yet take as seriously as I should


This journey I am on, this narrow path I navigate

It is not alone, for He is with me

That is how I know that I will never again be “just some bloke”


The world may measure me by whatever they believe

My significance is found not in the follies of this world

But in the One who loved me enough to rescue me from myself


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