Monthly Archives: May 2014

House work sucks

House work sucks, it just does
I derive no pleasure from maneuvering a Hoover
Swiffing a duster does not tickle my fancy
Scrubbing with bubbles is not on my bucket list
When the job is done I do not celebrate
I just reset the clock until the next time
Yet it must be done, otherwise chaos disorder and disaster will ensue
Oh how housework paints a picture for how the rest of adult life works

Memorial Day



Take a moment and shed a tear

A tear of gratitude and a tear of remorse

It matters not what you think of the politician

Right or wrong, whatever they signed


All that matters is that for you

For the love of your country

The love of your freedom

The love you’re your liberties

Unbelievable, incredible sacrifices have been made


So many have said and believed with all their being that

These things are good, these things are important

That this life is worth not only defending

But if it comes to it, that it is worth dying for


Of the many who have my undying gratitude

Who have made the decision to sacrifice in service

To defend our freedoms

Today it is the ones that paid the ultimate price that have my thoughts


Such selfless sacrifice, so rare in humanity

Today I can write a poem and eat a burger

Only because of you and what you did

May God give you your deserved eternal rest


I thank you and I honor you, my dear departed friends

On this, YOUR Memorial Day


Welcome Home

What if there was a place where you could just be you?

A place where you were welcomed and accepted


What if it was ok to not be ok?

Yet you were loved enough not to be left that way


What if people cared enough to help you work through your pain?

To help you make peace with your past


What if this love prepared you for the future?

And made you a better person in the now


What if there was music so beautiful

That it filled your very soul with joy?


Maybe there would be people so filled with wisdom

That the answers to your questions could always be found?


What if even though you did not live there

Every time you entered you heard the words “Welcome Home”?


What a place this would be,

What would you call this place?

The Waterfall

There is a river that flows from the throne

A river that gives life

Making valleys, forging paths

It comes to a cliff and drops


A beautiful waterfall beyond imagination

I approach the waterfall slowly

As I cup my hands the water fills them

More calmly that the flow should allow


I take my full hands and splash my face

The water flows over my head and runs down my back

I am refreshed, I am renewed

I feel like I can face another day


In that very moment my eyes open wider

I look around and notice that I walked through

The pool created by the river to reach the waterfall

I was wading in and surrounded by that which I journeyed to reach


Once again I simply smile and acknowledge

My limitations and His limitlessness






Not Just Some Bloke

The significance of my place is difficult to understand

To some I am everything, to others I do not exist

I have learned that measuring yourself by what the world thinks, leads only to emptiness


You see, to the world I may well be “just some bloke”

However I do not belong to the world, I’m only ever partially here

No I do not belong to the world, I belong to the Kingdom of God


It took a while for me to figure out

But in the Kingdom, I am far from just some bloke

I am valued, I am worthy, I have weight, I am royalty


Adopted by the King, I am co-heir with Christ

I am a beloved son, a knight in the army of God

What I say, what I do and who I am has purpose


There is great responsibility that goes with this

A responsibility that I rarely grasp

Rarer yet take as seriously as I should


This journey I am on, this narrow path I navigate

It is not alone, for He is with me

That is how I know that I will never again be “just some bloke”


The world may measure me by whatever they believe

My significance is found not in the follies of this world

But in the One who loved me enough to rescue me from myself