Bumper to bumper

Clouds and drizzle

Bumper to bumper

Road improvements? No improvement

Test my patience

Conquer pointless frustrations

13 days, 14 days, 15 days, every year

A sacrificial commute

Pleasing to the Lord


Forced quiet time

I shall pray, as I may

Listen to the word

Listen to the music

Listen to the deluded arguing over what does not matter

I could climb a mountain

I could make a difference

I could make an album

I could read a book, yeah right

I could sleep all day long


No, no, no

What must be, must be, and what is, is

So I will stare at your bumper

And wonder why the guy behind

Has to get so ridiculously close to mine

Whilst I smile

Knowing that joy does not come at the end of a commute

It comes from the peace inside

That only the free will ever know


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