Smoke Detector

You, you’re supposed to be a protector

Supposed to be a defender

Watching over me


But tonight, smoke detector

Instead of saving my life

You’re killing my sleep

What do I have to do just to make you shut up?


2 thoughts on “Smoke Detector

  1. Christina ~

    Been there, done that….popped the batteries and then prayed there was no fire that night lol! Of course if it’s hardwired in…well not sure what to do about that! Hope you get to sleep well soonest!!

    1. Chris Ludbrook Post author

      lol, they are hard wired & daisy chained, one goes off the whole house does. They went off 3 times before I changed the batteries at 3 in the morning, trying to fight through an allergy battling benadryl coma 😉

      Sleep sucked, but I got a poem out of it, I almost made it into a song, heck I might still 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


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