The definition, relating to computers, as per the dictionary:


up·grade  (pgrd)

v. up·grad·ed, up·grad·ing, up·grades


3. Computer Science

a. To replace (a software program) with a more recently released, enhanced version.

b. To replace (a hardware device) with one that provides better performance.


2. Computer Science

a. A software program that provides added enhancements over an earlier version.

b. A hardware device that provides greater performance than an earlier model.




It seems to me, that an upgrade

Means something completely different in the 21st century


It used to mean, I believe, something new & improved

However these days, it seems to me


That upgrade; means taking something that looks & works just fine

Moving everything around into much less useful positioning

Then breaking all functionality

Rendering what was one useful

Pretty much infuriating & useless.


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