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Run to Him as He runs to you

The Lord is near the brokenhearted; he delivers those who are discouraged

Psalm 34:18


If you are lonely, broken and or hurting – know this: you are not alone and you are loved


2He sprouted up like a twig before God,
like a root out of parched soil;
he had no stately form or majesty that might catch our attention,
no special appearance that we should want to follow him.
He was despised and rejected by people,
one who experienced pain and was acquainted with illness;
people hid their faces from him;
he was despised, and we considered him insignificant.
But he lifted up our illnesses,
he carried our pain;
even though we thought he was being punished,
attacked by God, and afflicted for something he had done.
He was wounded because of our rebellious deeds,
crushed because of our sins;
he endured punishment that made us well;
because of his wounds we have been healed.

Isaiah 53: 2-5


Jesus has been there. He knows your pain, dishonor, rejection, grief, betrayal,  unjust punishment, impossible burden. He knows, and even if no one else can, He can relate & sympathize with you. He loves you and he wants you to know it.


This is the message that was given at my church this last weekend, feel free to watch it, if you do I promise it will bless your heart & soul. Have a very Merry Christmas & if like me, you are in a place of celebration, be sure to give grace to those who are not there. This can be such a difficult time when life is not going well, such a desperate time when you have lost loved ones. Remember this is not the season of gluttony and trinkets, this is the season of love. So celebrate love by sharing it with someone who does not know it. God bless you all



Something Fine

The continuing degradation of society
Seems to makes me enjoy fine things evermore

As people move with distaste to cheap and frequent titillation
The good things in life seem oh so more appealing

Like a hard back book
Good French wine
A slow meal with good company
Or an afternoon at the theater

It used to seem like society
Would hold me to a higher standard
Now it feels like I keep tripping on the bar it’s so low

Oh how I adore to enjoy something fine

Poetry is Therapy

You feel something
You react
It was not what you wanted
But it was what your history said would happen
You regret, you morn
Is it all for naught?

You process
You deal with it
You write a poem
You have therapy
It is not for naught, but for life

That you processed
That you did not hide
Says that your history is your history
And your future is unwritten

Not everyone is on this journey

One of life’s many great challenges
Something I have yet to fully grasp
Is folks have their own choices to make

They can be who they want to be
They don’t have to be good
They don’t have to be nice

They don’t even have to care
Or want to be any different
When you don’t want to be like them

You have to learn to be yourself
Even though they may not like it
You may stumble & fail at times, but fight the fight

Carry on until one day
Even if everyone else stays the same
You have become who you wanted to be all along

Just another day in the struggle to be a better man

whenever I show my true self
whenever the fruits of a better life are borne
they are chastised and rejected
leave the high road they clamor
join us in the sea of sin

what must I do?
where must I go?

to take the necessary steps and not be dragged back immediately
at times it feels like my attempts to become a better person
are akin to an alcoholic recovering while working in a bar
so long as I am stuck on the venomous ocean of freight
yet this will pass, I will pass this test, one day I won’t fail

The Call

The call to isolate

Must be countered with all our might

It is the whisper of darkness

The attempt to draw us away


Away from progress

Away from love

Away from happiness

We must never be completely alone


Alone with the Lord is not alone

Do not be alone

Do not miss time with your friends for a lie in

Do not miss time with your family for the sake of a tv show


The call to isolate

Is the call to destruction

Turn your back on that call and

Heed the call to light, love and happiness



The definition, relating to computers, as per the dictionary:


up·grade  (pgrd)

v. up·grad·ed, up·grad·ing, up·grades

3. Computer Science

a. To replace (a software program) with a more recently released, enhanced version.

b. To replace (a hardware device) with one that provides better performance.


2. Computer Science

a. A software program that provides added enhancements over an earlier version.

b. A hardware device that provides greater performance than an earlier model.




It seems to me, that an upgrade

Means something completely different in the 21st century


It used to mean, I believe, something new & improved

However these days, it seems to me


That upgrade; means taking something that looks & works just fine

Moving everything around into much less useful positioning

Then breaking all functionality

Rendering what was one useful

Pretty much infuriating & useless.