Monthly Archives: November 2013


Double neck glory
Old men showing kids how it’s done
Strong beer adds to the occasion
It is clearly a celebration day
Whenever you hear stairway


Happy Thanksgiving

Terribly tired
Utterly exhausted
Almost the weekend
Feels like I’m being taunted

Time just vanishes
As hairs turn to grey
Beards grow longer
Cannot wait for shaving day

A one day escape from the asylum, On the bright side
Tomorrow will bring enough pie to fill a double wide
So happy thanksgiving to one and all
I hope you are enjoying this remarkably chilly fall

I’ve heard it said

I’ve heard it said, that greatness awaits and we all have a destiny

That true freedom cannot be experienced unless you submit to authority

That we should choose to seek the giver, not the gifts


I’ve heard it said, that manhood & masculinity is bestowed, not acquired with age

That even if it seems there is no one to father, there is a Father

That it is never too late to repair the damage of years ago


I’ve heard it said, that the peace of Christ is like the eye of a hurricane

That although there are storms all around, peace can be found

That the experience of true peace, will change a life


I’ve heard it said, that a real relationship is not possible without communication

That if you seek, you will find

That if you desire change & pursue it, that is what you will find


I’ve heard it said, that you should not wait for God, rather

That you should wait upon God, ruthlessly eliminating things in your life that get in the way of your time with him

That waiting upon is not doing nothing, but rather a centering down of your spirit


I’ve heard it said, that in a microwave world, we serve a crockpot God

That good things, like character, outlook & perspective take time

That it is possible to be saved for heaven & still live in hell on earth if you have no relationship with the holy spirit


All these things that I have heard said, I know to be true for I have experience of each & every one, & will continue to the rest of my days.