Putting On Socks

Of all the things I like to take for granted

Like walking quickly

Like driving comfortably

Like standing up, or sitting down

The one thing I have really never considered

Is putting on socks


Such a mundane and normal task

Almost meaningless and empty

Yet when the freedom

To put on your socks and shoes is removed

I somehow feel like less of a man

Stinking hamstring, we were such great allies


Until last night,

Last night when you decided you needed a break

Literally a break

A brief flash of agony

A dull ominous, threatening ache followed

And now we wrestle with the future, and putting on socks.



Oh happy happy joy joy, I’ll be seeing a lot of medical folks for the next couple of weeks after my hamstring went out playing softball last night. There’s a first time for everything, but some things I could quite happily skip. I hope your Monday was more comfortable than mine.



5 thoughts on “Putting On Socks

  1. Twiggster

    When putting on socks sitting on the bed – put on underpants first. Skid marks on sheets are frowned upon!


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