Favorite time of year

I love this time of year, it has always been special for me, but after 11+ years in Texas it is becoming even more so. Coming into fall (even though we still have triple digit temperatures) makes me happy because it means our summer is going to eventually end and there is the (somewhat distant) promise of cooler weather on the horizon. I suppose it is much like spring for those living in cold climates.

Both the English & American football seasons have started, I remember now why I pay for my tv service. After a relatively mild (yeah right) summer, I can’t wait to enjoy the best weather of the year. Enjoy the seasonal beers, enjoy new seasons of involvement at my church, enjoy the sports I love & most of all enjoy my family & planning for the coming holidays. Yes, without a doubt, I would say that this is my favorite time of year, what is yours?


2 thoughts on “Favorite time of year

  1. Elaine

    and don’t forget the Texas State Fair! I always looked forward to that to begin because the weather was definitely more tolerable after the long hot summer! I enjoyed the fall and also the spring when the Blue Bonnets were blooming in profusion along with the other wild flowers, 🙂 One of the things I miss about Texas.

    1. Chris Ludbrook Post author

      I’ve not made it to the fair yet, although I think the clock is ticking on that one 🙂

      I love the spring, but with summer on the horizon & the threat of tornadoes, fall takes it for me 🙂


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