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The vocal minority

The vocal minority

The chosen few

There is only one right opinion

That of yours


Your opinion may or may not be correct

The thing is, it will only ever be your opinion

If you want others to share it

You should choose to represent it better


If you are in the democratic minority

If you feel that all that happens in Washington is wrong

I will choose to oppose you

If your way of winning me is with insults


If you follow Christ

If you want others to experience His redemptive grace

You should choose to be like him

Not hate & judge like a Pharisee


If you have a favorite team

If others don’t share your passion

Well at this point, remember it is just a game

And make the choice to be respectful


If you are an extremist, on any side of any fence

Please, still your mouth & your mind

Take the time to discover peace, love & harmony

Or at the very least tolerance


Simple advice, guidelines to live by

Easy to say, harder to follow

We are all different, that’s what makes us beautiful

Opinions are opinions, nothing more


The Morning Sun

The morning light pierces the clouds

Showing down golden rays

Like spotlights illuminating the ground beneath

What special few were chosen to receive

The wake up call from heaven

On this otherwise regular morning?

As the sun’s power grows

The sky takes on a marbled effect

And the brief show of morning beauty

Is put away, until the next time

The vast sea of forever

In the vast sea of forever
We all crave an island of hope
Something to cling to
A lighthouse to guide us on the journey
To help us navigate dangerous seas

I put my faith In the unseen
As all that I have seen
Has proved unworthy of faith

I put my faith in the unseen
As the unseen has claimed me
You may not see my lighthouse
Yet it guides me as clear as day

9/11 – memories

What can be said about today that hasn’t already been said a thousand times? The awful events of 9/11 will live with us forever. The scars & pain of the families & friends affected will always remain. It breaks my heart every time I think about it. I am not going to attempt to write about something I have no direct knowledge of, but in the memory of the innocent, the brave & the loved, I will reflect on how their tragically shortened lives impacted my own.

I wasn’t directly connected to the events, nor did I know anyone that was. I didn’t even live in the country at the time, yet 9/11 will always be tied to the story of my life. For many people, there are tragedies that you are not directly involved in that hit you in ways that others do not, JFK, Princess Diana, Lockerbie, you name it & there are doubtless folks affected by it.

There are many reasons that I can consciously describe as to how 12 years on 9/11 still affects me in a way that you would expect only someone who was directly connected to. There is of course the fact that it was America, New York. The country I had grown up infatuated with, New York, home to most of the entertainment figures that were in some form or another my heroes & role models. I also worked at the time for an American company, I had daily communication with my colleagues across the pond.

The single biggest reason though was 2 weeks prior I had been in the States, visiting Texas. It was in that week that my wife & I got engaged & the decision was made for me to spend the foreseeable future, if not the rest of my life living in America.  The week before 9/11 we had filed the papers for my K-1 fiancée visa application. Now the home of my future had been attacked, I can honestly say that I never felt solidarity for a country & a people like I did for America that day.

The strange thing for me being in England at the time is that the attacks were in the afternoon, not the beginning of the day like it was for the people in the States. I was at a training seminar in a hotel in the west of London, somewhere near Heathrow (if I recall correctly). One of my colleagues got a text at around 3pm advising her of the first attack, when a follow up text came about the 2nd attack, we were all just stunned, not knowing what to make of it, was it even real? Fortunately she had a laptop, we scrambled around the room to find a phone outlet to get the modem plugged in & read the news on the internet (my how technology & information accessibility has changed in the last 12 years).

Once we verified that this was real, the class ended, how could anyone think about work at this time? Those of us who were not local adjourned to the hotel bar where they had the news on the big screen. We sat there in silence for hours just trying to take it in, trying to figure out what was next. I kept trying to call my then fiancee to make sure she was ok, at the time I had no way of knowing if this was localized to the east coast or if Dallas was under attack too. The phone circuits were constantly full (understandably so), eventually she got through to me, the calming voice of the one I loved making an awful evening seem better, even if she was 5000 miles away.

To this day I cannot comprehend the pain of those who never saw their spouse again, their father or mother etc etc. What of those who were in a hurry that morning & didn’t leave with a kiss, or who had an argument over how the dishwasher was loaded. I get lost in the documentaries every year at this time, trying to feel their pain, their grief, these people that I will never meet but I feel eternally connected to. My heart will always break for you, all of you, my prayers will always be with you & if in some small way I can ever help, I will always be here for you.

6 months on & despite a long & tedious process slowed down by needed changes in immigration procedures, I finally moved to America, to begin my new life in the land of dreams, the home of the free. One more immigrant to add to the long list.

This great country was hurt by that day, but this great country survives & despite its flaws continues to show the world how great a people can be, especially when they need to be. For the best example of that, all we ever need to do is look at the wonderful people of New York.


Favorite time of year

I love this time of year, it has always been special for me, but after 11+ years in Texas it is becoming even more so. Coming into fall (even though we still have triple digit temperatures) makes me happy because it means our summer is going to eventually end and there is the (somewhat distant) promise of cooler weather on the horizon. I suppose it is much like spring for those living in cold climates.

Both the English & American football seasons have started, I remember now why I pay for my tv service. After a relatively mild (yeah right) summer, I can’t wait to enjoy the best weather of the year. Enjoy the seasonal beers, enjoy new seasons of involvement at my church, enjoy the sports I love & most of all enjoy my family & planning for the coming holidays. Yes, without a doubt, I would say that this is my favorite time of year, what is yours?

Forgiveness is not easy

Sometimes you have to take the time

To realize how truly blessed you are

Sometimes you have to make the effort

To learn how to forgive yourself


You will never be perfect

You will always make mistakes

The mistakes of your past

May have haunted you for many years


It is time to let that go

It is time to forgive yourself

It is time to enjoy breathing

Time to begin living


Forgiveness is not easy

No matter who the subject is

Oddly enough, forgiving one’s self

Can be the most difficult of all


This is when you should call upon divine power

When you are not enough, He is

When you cannot forgive, He will

When you are sick & tired of being sick & tired


Let Him give you the power to receive the life He wants you to have

You may never finish your to do, or should do list

But if you are too busy laughing, crying, talking or singing

Then that list will pail into the insignificant thing that it really is anyway