Tick follows tock follows tick

But wait, I have no clock

Digital numbers progress

The mind wanders, out of control

Dirty insomnia drives me deeper


Despair knocking at the door

Waited too long to drug this out

Sleep will come eventually

Not enough, far too late

Tomorrow, which is already today

Is already ruined



6 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. Elaine

    oh wow can I ever relate to that! Not good when you are still awake an hour before the alarm goes off! Makes for a very long and difficult day if its a work day!

  2. Skye

    Chris, I will be praying for peaceful sleep for you in the nights to come. Insomnia is truly where Satan can play….read the Bible and put on the full armor of God before you retire. I remember the hours of laying there when my mind was weak from exhaustion…..and then even weaker when you are so sleepy the next day. Trust this to the Lord and know you are being prayed for. Have a good day.


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