Who pressed fast forward on life?

Tiredness creeps through

Drips down

Like the leaky faucet that will just never stop

Infiltrating every cell, every atom


Gravity feels doubled today

The effort required to move

Extenuated by missing desire

Yet somehow, someway

What is required is accomplished


The dark corner was never crawled into

Groans were not transformed into screams,

And yet; cool mountain air

How I long to breathe you


Slow conversation on a slow lazy day

How I’d like to meet you

Who pressed fast forward on life?

Why is there never enough time

To slow down and take your time?


One thought on “Who pressed fast forward on life?

  1. Elaine

    good question! Who did press fast forward? Time flies by faster and faster every year it seems. I would love it if time would put the brakes on for a bit! 🙂


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