When is God not enough?

When is God not enough?



Sometimes the question is not understood

You ask something but you are really asking something else

Sometimes the prayer is not for what you think it is

You ask for help at work & he leads you to help with your mind


You ask for help with your family and he leads you to help with others

God is always enough, He always knows what is best for you

The great challenge in a sacrificial life of prayer & submission

Is getting out of our own way


To stop trying to interpret the message

Instead to simply receive and respond

We have to remember that God is a better God for our life than we are

Infused with the spirit, you spend the rest of your life learning what it means to be like Jesus


Lord help and guide me as I enter this next phase

I know that one day you will be through with healing and transforming me

I just hope that day is a long, long way away


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