Blast Furnace

It can be deceptive when you initially encounter it

It embraces you, like an old friend

As you escape your artificially cooled environment

A firm hand shake saying welcome back to reality


It does not take long though

For this old “friend” to start trying to take advantage of you

An oppressive assault on your sense begins to sap your energy

Before you know it your sweat glands are running wild


You feel like you are being punished

Like some form of cold war torture is being used on you

For what purpose? I hold no secrets that require torture!

I am just trying to make the best of this & do what needs to be done


You must meet the challenge to your ability to reason, your desire to live

You must fight with all your might to accomplish what needs to be done

Try to muster the strength, not to succumb

To the death ray blast of the naked G2V yellow dwarf


And then, having survived the onslaught

The yard is mowed

You leave the infernal blast furnace of the Texas summer

And return to the sanctity of a nice air conditioned house



2 thoughts on “Blast Furnace

  1. Skye

    Was out on my lawn tractor today…..beastly hot. You really nailed what it feels like. **passes out**


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