America the beautiful

America the beautiful USATopographicalMap

Land of my dreams

Endless possibilities

So vastly diverse



When I was a boy  General Jump

You were car chases

Bumbling cops

And gun fights



When I was a teen 08-InTheseArms-BonJovi01-tn

You gave me music

You gave me rock stars

And guitars inspired



When I was an adult AA

You gave me a fresh start

You allowed me a clean slate

You gave me freedom & redemption



America the beautiful Old Glory

Land of my dreams

How far you have allowed me to come

Living my American Dream



It is difficult for words to express  ?????????????????

It is impossible for most to comprehend

How much you mean to me

My adopted & adored home



Happy Independence Day to all, I hope you appreciate it as much as I do 🙂


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