The Coolest Cat You Ever Saw

The coolest cat you ever saw

Riding in a 20 year old Honda

Cigarette burns in the seat from 4 owners ago

Faded dashboard, broken dials

He cares not

He’s too cool for it not to be cool

Held together with glue

More money in the radio than the entire vehicle is worth

Daft Punk blaring

Head rocking

Sunglasses representing

He revels in his youth

He knows the score

There is nothing in this world that he is good enough for

You make me smile free youth

God bless you, enjoy it while you can


3 thoughts on “The Coolest Cat You Ever Saw

  1. Chris Ludbrook Post author

    lol, thanks for reading. This was inspired by a young man I saw in the rear view mirror yesterday, at first I rolled my eyes, then I remembered being his age & just smiled & watched him enjoy being the king of his world


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