Just Another Lunch Time

Perfumed aroma fills the air
Children run and play
Laughing the giggle of the free
Strangers try not to exchange
Flirtatious glances

Conversation is avoided
Should it not be welcomed?
Squirrels search for food
Oblivious to their company
Overly tamed by the free meals on offer

Motionless stream, lacking in life
Magnificent tree, so much older than me
Helpers rip out the old to prepare for the new
Swings and slides, giggles again
Life exploding, everywhere you look

Jungle of herbs, so delicious in scent
Miniature waterfall, tranquil and captivating
Giant fish in a tiny pond
It is education, it is a sanctuary
It is a man made wilderness

It is a diet coke & a cherry pie
It is just another lunch time





2 thoughts on “Just Another Lunch Time

  1. lauradgumm

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Visit my post to read about it. NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOMINATED, YOU’VE BEEN AWARDED THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD (no need to wait for a winner to be announced)


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