I Am the Moon

Do you want to see my anger?

Do you want to feel my rage?

You have no idea the power it takes

to control & shackle the death that once raged

The secret to that power, is that it is not mine

Would you like to see a collection of words?

Perfectly positioned letters

that could shock even the ugliest of souls?

No more, no longer

I am not the author of such things

Indeed, I never was

I am simply a mirror, I am a reflector

Surrounded by swirling darkness

That was all there was to transmit

Yet even in the darkness,

The discovery of truth is possible

There is a power greater than death

There is a power brighter than the dark

That power now I wield

In all it’s might & majesty

No more death, no more dark

I am the light bringer

I am the moon

Reflecting His bright glory

Into the darkest of nights

In His power, for His glory

My purpose & destiny secured


One thought on “I Am the Moon

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