A prayer’s prayer

Do you know that your prayers are always answered?

When you pray the same prayer a hundred or more times

When that prayer starts to become part of the ritual of your commute

When it seems like there is no response;

That prayer will be answered

Sometimes the answer is not yet

Sometimes the answer is no

There is always an answer though

Sometimes the answer is so subtle

that you don’t realize it is being answered before your eyes

If you ask God to tell you who you are, He will tell you

If you ask God to mold you, change you & make you who he wants you to be

He will do it

Sometimes it seems you should be careful what you ask for

There are many, many ways to pray

When you sing in worship are you just singing a song?

Or are you praying with all your heart?

When you say, I am forever yours

When you ask, set a fire down in my soul

That I can’t contain & I can’t control

You better mean it, because he will.

Pray your prayers my friends

Fear not the unknown, for all is known to Him





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