Goodbye sweet Shelby dog

The saddest of moments
The most broken of hearts
Absolute trust betrayed
Complete love lost

If only you’d listened
If only you could have understood
So sweet & tender
So gentle & full of love

You didn’t walk you pranced
Lineage of beauty deeply encoded in your DNA
You loved a tennis ball, especially one that had been through the mower
Almost as much as barking at strangers passing by

You lost control
You broke the code
Our child you should not have hurt
If only you could know

Your darkness was too great
Uncontrollably territorial
Teeth of the devil
A crazed temper with an apparent split personality

Nagging regret
Could I have done more?
Should I have been more?
Alas, there is nothing now that can be done

It is with the heaviest of hearts
The bitterest of tears
That we have to say goodbye
Sweet Shelby dog



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